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About Us
X Attack, creator of the most popular and effective in-home fitness and weight loss solutions, was found in 2005, by Avinash Jayan in Toronto Canada. Avinash Jayan a student of Exercising Science And Nutrition in Canada, entered the fitness industry back in the year 2004. At the beginning of his practice he was using the normal training routine that every one in the fitness industry usually followed to train their clients, which worked fine for his clients initially, but then soon the results started slowing down and eventually came to a stand still. Well that laid the initial foundation stones of X Attack.

The Idea was to design a program that would break the boundaries of the traditional way of training and get the clients highly effective results and fast-forward their time in getting there. It is specially designed for people with a busy lifestyle or those who either do not have access or don’t feel comfortable going to a gym. X Attack helps introduce healthy living in their lifestyles based on fitness routines and a balanced nutrition plan.
“ X Attack has set out to establish a new trend in the fitness industry by develop- ing a customized fitness program that introduces you to the futuristic way of
training in the privacy of
your own home. ”
XAttackX Attack,was launched in India in the year 2008. The growing awareness and curiosity amongst people here, with respect to personal fitness suits the mission of X Attack which aims at providing people the knowledge behind their workout routines and help them get their desired results at an accelerated pace. X Attack conducted a survey checking the knowledge of some of the trainer at local Indian gyms, and the results were shocking. About 92% of trainers failed at the required knowledge for training their clients, while the others were too expensive for people to afford. X Attack was created with the help of some of the leading fitness experts, who are dedicated towards striking a balance at providing a quality product to our clients at a very affordable price. The easy accessibility of the program at home helps people with varied working hours and stay at home client. to stay healthy. X Attack is the only program out there, which gives its each and every member individual attention, and attends to their problems by customizing workout and nutritional plan that are tailor made for them.